East Coast Earthquake and Homaidan Al-Turki

Image source: Centredaily.com

Al-Turki's daughters - Click image for source

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Washington DC and parts of New York City. As it shakes much of the US capital and was felt striking the Pentagon, White House and Capitol, resulting in immediate evacuations, people all over the world couldn’t help but ponder: “Is this finally the divine punishment!”

It’s not news for Americans that their country is perceived worldwide as the #1 terrorist.

America’s policies, your so-called anti-terrorism act (aka anti-Islamitism!), your prejudice and pompousness redeemed you as the most hated country. But even with America’s horrible public image, we still sympathize and empathize with your predicaments.

It might sound senseless, but despite the unjust incarceration of a Saudi national behind your prisons. Despite the fact that AlTurki is an innocent man whose only crime is being a Muslim who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Despite the fact that we all know for sure that this whole thing is part of an anti-Muslim sentiment from the merciless and discriminating US government. Yet we still pray for the safety of the US citizens. After all, they are our fellow human beings and natural disasters are part of our being on the fragile mother Earth.

Yes America, this is Islam. This is who Muslims really are. We are all about letting go of grudges and bitterness in times of crisis. Islam teachings have engraved in our hearts and souls the concept of forgiveness.

We pray Allah to have mercy on the people of the USA, and to bring healing and hope to those who have been affected by the earthquake.