Story of my life

I enjoy being alive, i feel like i had a traumatic experience that taught me to appreciate life.

 I believe living among others requires two things: perception and communication, therefore i like studying language and i am interested in different linguistic theories of style and meaning. i like comparing between my culture as a Saudi, and the Western cultures. i enjoy reading books of all sorts, especially those concerned with self-development. i want to be extremely rich with power in my hands. i want to take a high position in society, and then i will do so many charity works towards the less fortunate B)


5 thoughts on “Story of my life

  1. AWesome!

    and nice pix…. I swear you that you always surprise me you are sooo deep!

    May Allah grant all your wishes and to see you having a great position in this society…. I can feel that you are destined to be great ❤

    • this post has been here for literally, AGES
      I even forgot about it!
      i dunno how you just found it :$

      Thank you bestie 😉

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