Decomposable Heart



I have no idea what exactly is happening altogether. The world around is demanding liberty and I am going through a drastic change. I cannot speak for the world, but I can speak for myself.


My heart once felt like a leaky empty bottle, bare from the inside, and attempts to fill it are unavailing. This bottle had a transparent echoic bare interior. While the exterior clearly reflects the hollow inside, it always looked rock-solid.


What happened later on was a result of plenty of attempts to fill it. Finally, it was settled. My heart, i.e. the bottle, had to be recycled!


I had to rinse it thoroughly, removing the bulk of whatever remaining fluid. Years of other people’s nonsense, compiled tragic memories and regrets, inequity, grief and pretence, all been purged. The bottle now never been emptier! I am pure.


I had to remove all status and labels out of me. I am no longer anyone’s friend, I am no longer anyone’s lover, and I am no longer anyone’s slave. I am who I am, I am what I am, and I am how I am. I am me. I am energy.


What follows is a tragic process undergone by my plastic heart. I condensed and compressed it until it was compact. No hollowness anymore. No interior, no edges, no shape. It is as flat as the cork of the capital F.


It was disposed in the plastic recycling machine where I last saw it.

Now I am a new person, with a secure and genuine bottle. It feels divine.

It was not easy…



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