Gentle Sex Weird Crimes!

I found an interesting article in AOL news page. The article was basically about criminals and suspects who are so stupid, they got caught! But what I liked most about it is that the website publicly shared the photos of those suspects. This kind of  libeling is a great punishment!

Anyhow, there were 85 of them, I picked those who appealed to  me and particularly caught my attention, i.e. women


So there is this woman, 28 years old,  who called the police for a ride to the transit center. The reason she called the police is because her boyfriend have thrown her out of his house, and now she has nowhere to go. What happened is that the police made a back-up check on her and found she has an outstanding parole violation, so they arrested her  and took her to jail!

It does not end at this, the woman was carrying six bags, guess what the police found inside those bags! Stolen clothing, jewelry and laptops!

I don’t understand, why would she call the police when she knew she can get arrested for past crimes as well as bags containing stolen items. What was she thinking!

I still owe her some respect for having the courage and boldness  to  steal and have the police as her getaway car.




A 25-year-old woman in Texas was arrested on the day before Thanksgiving because she hasn’t turned in a number of overdue library books. The young lady insists the books were destroyed in a house fire. I don’t know why, but I believe her. I mean seriously! A woman arrested for not returning overdue library books!!! This is wrong on all levels.

First of all, not returning library books is a misdemeanor, you don’t get arrested for it. Second of all, they are books! She’s obviously not a criminal for borrowing books. So what if she didn’t return them on time! She says they were burned,, police should just investigate the validity of the house fire and let her go. Poor thing, they even published her photo,, look at her face 😦

Is that the face of a criminal!


I never knew that practicing medicine can be such fun! A 37-year-old woman, has been conducting breast examinations in bars and nightclubs without a license. This woman offered FREE breast exams. She first introduced herself to victims as a plastic  surgeon. Two of her victims got suspicious when they called the telephone number she gave them, which is the number of a real licensed plastic surgeon, to confirm their appointments. The staff of that medical office became alarmed, so they called the police, and they later arrested the phony doctor.

I did a little research on the woman, and she turned out to be an ex-man who got a gender re-assignment surgery—not lesbian—as many websites say. Some say that the man had got the sex change to be able to touch strange women’s breasts! But c’mon,,! Getting a sex change seems like a long way to go just to grope stranger’s titties!

Bottom line, ladies, when you read a sign that says “free mammogram” make sure the sign is on an actual office not in a bar or in the street!


4 thoughts on “Gentle Sex Weird Crimes!

  1. Michelle says:

    Woooooow J
    a wonderful and interesting topic ❤ XD
    I loved it so much
    feeling poor for that bookworm lady XD
    LOOOOOOOL n that guy is insane XD
    Epiiiiiiic failure XD

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