National Museum, Riyadh

Today, my sister had a couple of Japanese teachers who showed interest in Saudi culture, she offered to take them to the National Museum, which is the most popular tourist attraction site in Riyadh, located in the historical centre of Maruba, where the Maruba Palace building is located. I went with the group to write a report about the place and to show the tourists our admirable history. This was not our first visit, I went there before, long time ago.

Me with the adorable Japanese ladies

We arrived there at  9 a.m. , the weather was hot and sunny, as usual.

The National Museum is on the eastern side of King Abdul Aziz Historical Center; consisting now of beautiful parks, a mosque, and the old original Murba Palace.

The exterior structure of the museum is breathtaking, built carefully using sandstone concrete blocks. It was designed by the architect Raymond Moriyama. The Japanese-Canadian architect was inspired by the form and colors of Riyadh’s magnificent sand dunes.

The entrance of the museum

inside the museum

There are eight exhibition halls in the National Museum of Riyadh. They cover different themes with each having certain unique features. Each hall is fantastic and independent, providing an interesting insight into the past and present conditions of the region. All the eight halls have the display arranged in a chronological order – from the creation of the earth and universe to present day Riyadh.

My ticket :P, 10 SR

It starts with ‘Man and Universe’ section, in which there is the famous meteorite (the only thing I remember from my first visit :P).

I took a photo of each exhibition (instead of listing the names, picture is worth a thousand words 😉

1st section, Man and Universe

2nd section, Arabian Kingdoms

3rd section, Pre-Islamic Period

4th section, The Prophet's Mission

5th section, Islam and the Arabian Peninsula

6th section, First and Second Saudi States

7th section, Unification of the Kingdom

8th section, Haj and the Two Holly Mosques

of course, i’m not done! 😛

there are millions of other pictures that you don’t wanna miss.

i’ll be posting them later, in my next blog.


2 thoughts on “National Museum, Riyadh

  1. Wooooooooow nice report ❤

    I really enjoyed the report but it is too short =(

    I'd like to read more about the Japanese and what did you do there….

    Tell us everything ^^

    I can't blieve there is an actual meteorite *_*

    Woooooooow I want to see it

  2. Afnan says:

    good report
    the national museum is great it’s worth a visit ..I’ve been there once when I was in high school

    yes Michelle there’s a meteorite and it was found on The Empty Quarter 200 years ago

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