Child’s Day

Today is the Universal Children’s Day in Saudi Arabia. It was celebrated in King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSHRC) in Riyadh.  



My friend Ohoud Al Amry and I volunteered in the hospital today, escorted by Miss Kholoud, the department secretary. It was an unforgettable day!  

We arrived at 9 a.m., the activities started around 9:15.  


presents for the children


This is my caorner, where i entertain little kids 😛


My job was to help and supervise the children while they decorate cards, bookmarkers and pencils.  

There were so many great children I was lucky to meet and work with today 😀  

My new friend, AbdulAziz >


Me and Abdallah, a very smart little body, Mash Allah


Some of the little children were seriously sick and looked pale, so I had to keep it down with them, only drawing a little smiley face on the card, nothing fancy.  

Others however were hyperactive! 😛  

They were so excited to see all the colorful materials they can use to make their little artistic works.  


The hospital provided all the materials beside some gifts and sweets for the patients.  

Thank you King Faisal Specialist Hospital


8 thoughts on “Child’s Day

  1. Mrs. Mashael says:

    just amazing ..

    I really think you are lucky to be doing this..

    such activities are really rewarding ..

    joy in one’s heart and in the hearts of other people at the same

    time .. what a nice feeling !

    I admire you for doing that – thumbs up-

    • It was indeed rewarding for me, at first i thought of it as a purely selfless activity for the day, but later i realized nothing is better than the “innerreward” I myself was lucky to get.

      Mrs Mashael,
      Thank you (F)

  2. لاdr_lail says:

    إنت جدا حنونة يا جهنونة، ربي يرحمك رحمة تغنيك في الدارين، ولا يريك مكروه في نفسك ومالك وأهلك، موفقة

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