In Search of a Hobby (1)

I read that people are supposed to have hobbies, an enjoyable activity to do in their spare-time. This led me to think, what is my hobby?

I really want to have a hobby, something relaxing to do, gives me pleasure and delight. Hence the searching 😀

I know it is not supposed to be that way, I mean people do not usually “look for a hobby”, it should come naturally!!!

But I do not have any hobby!!! I like reading, I like blogging, I like exercising, lifting weights, I like surfing the net, but I do not think these are hobbies in the traditional meaning of the term.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe those are hobbies, and I’m wasting time figuring out something that already exists and it is near by waiting for me to acknowledge, however I enjoy the process, therefore, I’ll search 😀

First, I try the most conventional and celebrated hobby of all: drawing.

I found some old and dry watercolors stocked for ages in the closet; I took them out, and did a little trick on them.

Those dry colors should not go to waste, you can make use of them by simply mixing them with some warm water, and they will be as good as new.

In the aforementioned closet, I found some brushes, and they were, surprisingly, in good shape.

Giving the circumstances I found the colors in, I had only limited number of color choices. I had to use them ALL 😛

I looked for a place to draw, but I thought since I want to decorate my room, why not draw on the wall!!!

I know, it sounds crazy, but this is me, being normal !

I chose a spot on the wall and I started getting dirty. Mixing colors, cleaning brushes and spelling orange paint on my white bed mattress :S

I tried to clean it up, but I only made it worse



This is the first stage of my masterpiece


And after it was finished


I am thinking of drawing a frame to the picture, but maybe later. Now I will enjoy the sight of that colorful work of art

By the way, drawing this stunning art took three days 😀

The first person to see the painting beside me, the artist, was my cousin, her name is Hala, 7ala, as her name implies, she is so sweet :$

Here is she trying to make V sign with her little fingers


After I was done creating my masterpiece, I indulged in a treat 😀

A yummy apple pie and coffee at Burger King’s



6 thoughts on “In Search of a Hobby (1)

  1. Mrs. Mashael says:

    wow mashallah it looks like ksa’s got talent


    it looks different but nice 🙂

    i mean i don’t think i would ever think of drawing something

    like that .. i am sure it has a hidden meaning .. something

    deeper than expected ..

    usually i draw eyes – part of a face – or a vase i don’t know why

    try drawing with charcole it is beautiful i love it ..

    by the way why don’t you try drawing with your fingers

    it is really fun it used to be my hobby

    i still kinda do it but with make up hhhh

    blending eye shadow colors with my fingers

    the best brush ever i tell ya ..

    keep that painting girl


    about the mattress .. if i were your mom i would just kill you

    and bury you and your new hobby together lool

    • LOOOOOOOOOL @ KSA’s Got Talent 😛 << inspired me with stream of ideas 😛

      I liked how diplomatic you are, putting your opinion in the best shape you can offer: “different”!!
      But trust me it’s full of meanings!, I’m all about depth and profundity

      i don’t think I’ll ever consider drawing with coals! i’m allergic to everything :S
      that’s why I use water colors, no odors , nothing, I wanted to use sprays, like in graffiti art, but the smell kills me, but I strongly wanna do it, i’ll sleep on the couch that day I guess!

      Eye shadows, wooooooooow, I love make-up, and you’re not the only one using finger-brush 😛

      ‘n’ thank goodness ur not my mom :S
      My mom is really cool, she suggested that I flip the mattress 😀
      I did it. ‘n’ It’s working perfectly well , lol

  2. Well, what I loved the most the orange sad face n the word failed in the pix =D so AWESOME!

    Regarding your painting; it is strange, I can’t get it! but I am quite sure you had certian meaning on your mind =D
    cause a good thing like this can NEVER be just a scribble XD

    I’d like to draw something on your wall too if you don’t mind =D
    let’s say you already drew on the left side of the window I wanna drew on the right side =P

    • what you loved the most was the stupid orange sad face!!!!!!!

      that says alot about you michlle 😛


      my painting is “strange” and “good thing”
      gosh you know how to motivate ur bff!

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