Let’s all go dark for Earth Hour

Earth Hour is today, right now I am looking at the count down in the Earth Hour website. Now my family did not mention anything about turning the electricity off for participating in this event. But I will do it myself. I just need to inform other members of the family, give each of them a candle and then go downstairs to the electricity switcher!

Unfortunately it is not that easy. See here in Riyadh, it is so freaking hot, no one can live a whole hour without air conditioners turned on. Therefore I’ll just turn the lights off and of course my PC and other non-essential electric appliances, such as the coffee machine!!

Google for Earth Houre 😛


By the way Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when millions of homes and businesses turned their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change. It is 2010, and Saudi Arabia for the first time participates in Earth Hour 😀

.I think it is an excellent gesture to raise awareness of a worldwide energy conservation, Let’s all do what we can, Let’s all have a romantic candle-lit evening 😉


8 thoughts on “Let’s all go dark for Earth Hour

  1. Tahani - Free Creative says:

    Hi Jehan,
    Nice to write on your blog again 🙂
    ‘Earth Hour’, I find it our duty to make Earth Hours for the planet that carries us and never complained. Let’s not just make only one hour, but keep on decreasing the use of the unneeded electric machines to save our mother, Earth planet =)

    Speaking of Earth Hour, my family and I thought it would be the last week >__<"

    Well, I think you'd already guessed my friend's reaction from my msg xD

    Thanks for the nice blog and I'm looking forward to see more of your writings 🙂


      • Tahani - Free Creative says:

        A magazine? xDD

        I’d like to :p One of my teachers (Mrs. Meshael) suggested that, too ^_^ Do you know some good magazine here that uses English? ^^

  2. Tahani - Free Creative says:

    Huh? O_o There are some missing sentences in my previous comment xD

    Speaking of Earth Hour, my family and I thought it would be the last week >__<"

  3. Tahani i think i know you!!

    telepathically maybe!!

    but seriously dude what are those comments! :@

    we need to meet, n i’ll show you how NOT to ruin other ppl’s blogs 😛

    • Tahani - Free Creative says:

      I know you and you know me :p We have met once somtime in somewhere in this world 😀

      About the comment that refused to be posted >_>
      Well, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow in the university cuz it seems that I’m not pleaseing your blog! Loool :p
      Wish me that I get the direction to your class correctly! xD

      You’ll show me what? O_o Eww, what kind of lessons will be? xDD

  4. Heeeeeeeeeey Johanna

    First I loved the post title =D ” Let’s all go dark for Earth Hour”

    second, thanks 4 the new info.

    finally, you are awesome for taking care of earth 😉
    Next year I’ll do the same insha Allah =D let’s pray it won’t be hot =D

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