Worst pancake Ever!

I woke up after sleeping a whole day, refreshed and hungry!

I wanted some hot meal, so cereal was out of question. I thought, how about pancakes?

 However, it was too early and the maid didn’t wake up yet, and I couldn’t wait, I had to make it myself.

I found the pancakes mix, it is a ready-made mix, and I read all what was written on the box, it was clear and I got the ingredients at hand.

I don’t know what went wrong!! I did exactly like the box said, but it was horrible!

I think the problem was in the flipping. It is really difficult; I can barely flip half of it, and then the other side cracks!

I mean the whole thing starts very well, I pour the mixture into the frying pan and then bubbles form on the edges of the batter and some of them start to pop, and then gently I flip it, but god damn it, it breaks into slimy, slippery pieces!

Then I get the first one to the plate, and I say I’ll learn from my mistake, and I’ll let the other one cook well, when I do that, it burns!!

Disgusting burning smell wakes the maid, and she comes dazed at the sight of me in the kitchen cooking!

 She reaches me to see what exactly I’m cooking, and I can see it in her eyes , she’s judging me :@

I decided to finish what I started, so when I was done I added some syrup and went back to my room with a disaster in the plate!

what's on the white plate is actually pancakes!


I hereby proclaim myself the worst pancake maker in history.


12 thoughts on “Worst pancake Ever!

  1. Wooooow temptation =P

    Darling Insha Allah I will I’ll try my best to my best friend =D

    \but really I am shocked when I read that they were delicious XD It is an honour really u making me something =D I’ll eat it without a doubt =P

    Tho I hate it when u or me or any girl cook =D

  2. Mrs. Mashael says:

    hi there ..

    well .. before i read the other comments i was going to say

    i am sure they tasted good but looked bad ..


    it happens .. it did happen a lot if u know what i mean


    this actually teaches you a lesson . . u should know

    that appearances don’t matter .. it is what inside that matters..

    take care sweetheart..

  3. ” that appearances don’t matter .. it is what inside that matters..”

    (Y) Awesome!

    Well, I’m coming to ur place this Wednesday insha Allah u know what u have to do =P XD

  4. Tahani - Free Creative says:

    Hahaha! That’s really funny xDD When I looked at the pic, at first, I thought like, “Woaah, is that a rotten banana? O_o”
    But, hey, don’t be frustrated cuz I’m a bad cook, too! xD Or at least in making sweet meals :p

    I don’t know why I got the feeling that there is a rhythm in your story that made me shaking while I ws reaading it =)

    Btw, I’m from your university 😉 3rd year ^^

  5. khawla says:

    Hi Jahen… 🙂
    I read some of ur topics which were so Great and I like it , especially pancake 😉 i wish next time willnt be worse than this :S
    But still seem tastey dont be sad :))

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