The Highlight of my Life, -(so far)-

When my department called me and asked me to talk to Dr Melha Al Harby, I thought it was the usual, they want me to attend some conference or workshop, I have done that a lot with my university.  

 But when I got into Dr Al Harby’s office, she asked me to sit down and introduced the matter as a top secret!  

 I was horrified and she got me hanging! When a telephone call interrupted our little meeting, she asked the caller that she’ll get back to her later. At that moment she started uttering the most outstanding words, every Saudi citizen would dream to hear:  

 “you have been selected to represent the university to meet the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud in his castle and to talk to him and discuss some of our university’s issues.”  

I , Jehan, have been chosen from all those 40,000 students, to represent them ALL, and to meet the KING!! Meet him face to face. And not in his office, not in a public place, but in his own house, the king’s house!!  

“I need to drink some water”, I said.  

I have to say, I always try to hide my reactions, especially such appalling ones! So I acted cool in front of the doctor, and I just asked, “will this be during the lectures time?” !!!!!  

She answered, “it will be a dinner with his highness, don’t worry, you wont miss any of your lectures”  

I said “okay, no big deal, count me in, I really need a night out anyways, good timing”  

My heart was bumping; I thought she can see it!!  

The next day, at 6 p.m., I went to the university management building, and I met Dr Al Johra bint Fahad Al Saud, we discussed, together with other faculty members, some of the improvements established in the new buildings of Princess Nora University, and how things will be even better than now.  

Finally it was time, we all gathered in three buses, and the dreamy trip started.  

After half an hour with traffic and everything, we reached our destination. The place was huge, there were sort of railroads in the house!!!!  

The residential buildings were surrounded by open spaces that are dedicated to gardens and amenities, with lots of fountains like that one you’ll see in the video:  

The bus stopped at the house’s gate, there were 10 servants welcoming us, they were all wearing the exact same thing, you’d think yourself entering into a cloning factory!  

Needless to describe how fancy and glamorous the place was, as you know, the house of the King of the richest country and one of the wealthiest nations thanks to vast oil resources. Therefore, I expected what I saw.  

We entered the living room, which was enormous, and at the head of the room, there was an extremely beautiful picture of the king, wearing a tuxedo!!  



Everything in that room was grotesque!! But still harmonious and festive!!  

And the first lady entered the room, looking manifestly attractive, in a normal way; I mean not a scary, plastic way. Her outfit reflects her demeanor, a mixture of confidence and self-conscious, not too sexy but friendly and welcoming. Most of all, she appears to be a “sovereign”!  

We all stood up for the first lady, she smiled and welcomed us all, with an air of glory and friendliness, then each of us started introducing ourselves to her, after shaking her hand and some of them with a kiss on the cheek I am not a fan of, so I didn’t do it. I just shook her hand and holding it, I started introducing myself, with Dr Aljohra, next to her, staring at me joyfully.  

After we all had settled and made ourselves at home, Dr AlJohra asked me to deliver my speech, which I prepared beforehand, just in case, and I was right!  

I won’t go into details about the speech, which is written in Arabic in my previous post, but after I was finished with the speech, I saw everyone smiling admirably, including the two princesses, Dr Aljohra, and Hessa Al Sha’alan- his highness’s wife, applauding.  

I gave them some time to give me a round of applause, which to be honest I enjoyed, and then I told her highness that this event will take a central and eminent part of my online blog. She tenderly thanked me and some Arabic coffee was served.  

Now the dinner I hate to speak of right now because I’m really hungry, the dinner was so very fancy and exquisite. And the desert, oooooooooh the desert it was the best part, the cakes were freshly baked and had those unique ornaments made of cream and fruit.  

drawn by an artist from our college, it was offered to the King on behalf of the College of Arts, Nice gesture!!,, you can also see the cake in the picture


After we had some tea, the King arrived!!  

It was an unforgettable moment!!  

I thought I was in Madame Tussauds, and that King Abdullah is only a wax sculptor!! I couldn’t believe that it was actually him, in flesh and blood, and frankly until Now it is still hard to believe that I saw him, shook his hand and talked to him and he looked me in the eye and talked back!!  

He was extremely friendly and humorous, he made us all laugh, and I truly felt the warmth coming deeply from his heart. He is truly “The King of Hearts.”  

This event is indeed the highlight of my life.


3 thoughts on “The Highlight of my Life, -(so far)-

  1. ǻหǿญđऋँ says:

    “I , Jehan, have been chosen from all those 40,000 students, to represent them ALL, and to meet the KING!!”

    Its REALLY nice standing behind the scene and watching my little girls academiclly proceeding and “growing up”…. Jehan ..No wonder you are chosen to represent your colleagues …. wish you the best ever 🙂
    Yours, ǻหǿญđऋँ

    • Thank you Miss Anoud,
      It’s an honor to have YOU commenting in my blog
      Frankly Miss, you are one of the best professors I’ve had, and I truly admire YOU :*

      Jehan ;P

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