Wake up, Sleepy Head

قال صلى الله عليه وسلم: (بورِكَ لأمتي في بُكُورِها)1   


“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Ben Franklin    


This time of the year is when I am beat from the finals of the first semester, though had a one week vacation, but it feels like yesterday I had my last final exam!    

I have to go to college, and waking up in the morning is something everyone dread! I try to convince myself that I am an early riser, but many days of my life prove the contrary. So I decided to make a little research on how to wake up in the morning feeling fresh and ready to do my best.    

For me,  I tried many ways, I bought a lovely radio alarm clock for a gentle alarm alternative, but what I didn’t think of is that we have the crappiest radio channels ever. So I can choose to wake up on some terrible Arabic songs that instead of making my day, they destroy it. We only have mbc FM and panorama, each is worse than the other. I decided to wake up hearing Quraan in the Saudi Holy Quraan radio, and I wished I didn’t.    

That night, I set my alarm clock at 7 a.m., to my surprise I woke at 8! Why, what happened, apparently the radio station takes a break during that time!!!! That day I was screwed. So bottom line, do not even think of buying an electric radio alarm clock.    


That was one of the methods I tried to boost my energy in the morning. I also tried something else. I bought this nice little programmable coffee maker, with digital clock, you can set the time you want your coffee ready before going to sleep. It was a good idea, especially that I enjoy drinking coffee. So this I don’t regret.    

LOL you wont believe this, but i actually did the exact same thing one wretched morning!


I also tried to set up my bed according to Feng Shui principle of bed placement, Feng Shui tells us that you should sleep where you can see the door but not be in the direct path of the door opening, I tried it, then I switched my bed position to face the door, and it was the same!    


Another tip that I read before, which I tried and was extremely helpful, is to exercise a little in the morning. A light exercise can make a drastic change in your mood; it will leave you happier and more energetic, beside burning few calories. After that I have a cold shower followed by pouring some hot spray of water, this change in the water temperature gets the blood circulation going, I also use fragrant soaps and shower gels to help me become more alert.     

There are some tips I just read that include things you can do the night before in order to wake up high-spirited. Some say that it’s better to leave sometime between eating a big meal for dinner and going to bed, that way you can give your digestive system sometime to do its work properly. They say that it’s better to avoid coffee or chocolate before going to bed. Furthermore, praying and relaxing can have excellent impact on the quality of your sleep. Before going to bed you can pray, and I like reading some verses of Quraan. Sometimes I read a novel that we study, but this always disturb me, as I tend to analyze and think deeply of the characteristics and plot development.    


 There are other ways of relaxation like the ones my doctor gave me when she said that I was too much tense and anxious, they include deep breathing, and tightening different parts of the body starting from the toes ending with the triceps and shoulders. I did those exercises during the finals but I can’t tell if they were useful or not, since I only tried them for few days.    

Lastly I’d like to suggest a wake-up song which is one of my absolute fovorites:    

Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton    


4 thoughts on “Wake up, Sleepy Head

  1. Michelle says:

    لوووووووووول حبيت الموضوع مرررره

    كنت متحمسه تنزلين شيء جديد وكالعاده نزلتي موضوع بطل

    تصدقين عاد حتى أنك أقنعتيني أنك شخص صباحي -_-

    صح فوايده كثيره وطرقك حلوه

    لا توقفين المواضيع الحلوه

  2. since when code monkey is ur favorite ???? that’s mine give it back to me !!! :p
    u know, the door method is crappy ! it doesnt work at all !
    I think I just need to be satisfied with the fact that I’m a nocturnal creature… so why bother !!! and I think the same goes for u!

  3. Ohoud says:

    you’re right, waking up early in the starting school days is a lil bit hard.
    I like the workout and the Qur’an methods, but i think the sound of the Qur’an is rather more relaxing so i’d always use it to help me get asleep -_-
    thanks for the advices, i think i’m gonna try some 🙂

  4. PiterJankovich says:

    My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

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