Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter

Diplomatic Quarter or DQ in Riyadh is a place where foreign embassies and ambassadors houses are located. The landscape of the DQ overlooks the famous Wadi Hanifa, which has become known for its surroundings unique architecture. In Monday, 15th February I went there with my family, after visiting my aunt’s house to perform al Assr prayer we were good to go and our picnic started. We walked to the Wadi by foot, we did not use any transportation device and that felt liberating!


First we enjoyed a walk to the valley crossing rocks and playgrounds. The walkway was designed for jogging and bicycling. Many foreigners (men and women) passed by us in the way. They were jogging or walking accompanied with their dogs. The weather was surprisingly not hot, there was a peaceful winter breeze coming from the valley that added a magical sense to the whole place. Finally, we were there. The scene of Wadi Hanifa was marvelous and breath-taking. I wanted to stay there forever!

Walking through the DQ’s parks today, it is difficult even for those of us who helped design them to realize that, in the mid-1970’s, the area was merely a featureless continuation of the bare and rocky Saudi desert.*


We sat in a place nearby, and had our Saudi coffee with some desert before we proceeded with our walk.


it was immediately after Valentine's Day, the dates are heart-shaped ;P

The view of Wadi Hanifa with the sunset was something I will never forget. It was amazing to watch the assortment of colors that I completely lost track of everyone else. it felt like me and the sky alone.


Our picnic that day could not come in a better timing. I was suffocated in my room for over a month because of the cold weather and the final exams. I believe that I am revolved!


9 thoughts on “Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter

  1. Michelle says:

    وااااااااو مررره مرررررره الموضوع والوصف والصور روعه تمنيت أني هناك معاك ,, بس حلو جد تقريرك عن المكان وصور الغروب

  2. Ohoud says:

    The last time i remember i went there is when i was a little and i’ve always wished to visit it again, but now that you fulfilled my wish with your beautifully impassioned description and professional photographing i heartily thank you, it was amazing!

  3. Very nice pictures, I used to live in Riyadh many many years ago and I loved to cycle through the DQ with my dogs. Back then you could simply walk into the DQ. I remember riding my bicycle past the US embassy and even stopping to have tea with the guards outside from time to time as my dog wandered around in the bushes. Now obviously its a very very very different place.

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