Life Box

In Facebook there is this application called “Life Box” where you click on an orange box icon and then open it to give you “something new and positive everyday”, this is what the application says.

every time i open it i get something,, NOT positive , may be new, but definitely not positive.

the first time i tried this application, i got yellow flowers. i hate the color yellow. it is so depressing and evil. i tried not to take it personally so another day i opened my “Life Box” and it was Yellow heart pillow. it looked so stupid, and yellow 😐


so today i opened my life box and guess what i had “date in the beach”,  my yellow curse is over. but you know, when i first read it, i was overly desperate and preoccupied with the yellow stuff waiting for me in the box that i read it “death in the beach” LOL


3 thoughts on “Life Box

  1. Michelle says:

    لووووووووووول مشكله اللون الأصفر بصراحة معاك !!

    اما death in the beach لوووول مره فاقده الامل شكلك

  2. Ohoud says:

    yellow color isn’t that bad, it’s the color of sunshine and the beautiful daffodils, and the color of my favorite T-shirt =)

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