Everybody’s Fine


While cleaning up my room I like putting on something to listen to. In that way I can clean and at the same time learn. Sometimes I put audio self-development books, other times I listen to French lessons on CDs. This time I played a movie called “Everybody’s Fine” 


“Everybody’s Fine” stars Robert De Niro, who starred in the GF or “The God Father” and many other movies. Though the movie is comic but it was sad for me! The father, De Niro, rejected by all his children, who canceled their visit to his house, so he decided to go and visit them one by one and find out why they canceled on him! It is so sad, he is a lonely old man, his physician warns him about his health, but he loves his children, so he goes anyway. The movie becomes overly sentimental, though it has some comedy. 


I like the scene where De Niro was in a diner sitting next to a 94-year-old man. 

The old man talking to De Niro says: 

“I’m 94.I keep away from the doctors. I have three children, six grandchildren. They’re busy. They’re too busy to talk to me. I gotta make an appointment. They got lost someplace. They don’t need anybody. People changed, life is changed. Today, you shake hands with somebody; you gotta count your fingers to make sure you got five fingers back.” 

This is so sad 😦 

Seriously, why do we have kids when we know that they would eventually abandon us! 

Is this the way to reciprocate the love of our parents? 


Now you find nursing homes, or old age homes where young men and women leave their parents their. I believe that this is a heinous crime. Regardless of the reason why they put their parents their, you owe them your existence. I read a story once, two friends talking, one of them  hates her mother, she kept talking about her and how she treats her badly not paying attention to her needs and all that, the other told her that you owe her your existence, she answered I want to die! 

Back to the movie, you all should check it out. This is the movie’s website. You should turn on you speakers, the website has this adorable songs. 


Celebrities attending 'Everybody's Fine' premiere at the AFI Fest 2009, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA. (November 4, 2009 - Photo by Photo Agency)


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