Career Day (1)

In my university, Princess Nora Uni., there will be a Career Day held few weeks from now. The specific day is not decided yet, but since I am part of the organizing committee I’d say it’ll  be after a month or so.

Anyhow, this is not the issue. The problem is that I called Alfaisal  International Academy© to ask when can I meet the manager so I can discuss with her this event and how would they participate, They did not answer me. God this is frustrating.

New Horizons© however answered me and I arranged a meeting with the head of customer service and she will get back to me later. I am doing this because I like my university and I want to contribute to its progress and success, I will do my best trying to do so. My uncle told me that you shouldn’t be such a hard worker, because they will all forget what you have done and will give the credit to someone in power, higher than you, I realize that, but it is okay, because what matters for me is the effort I did to satisfy myself more than anything else. Today I will do some research about Career Days around the world, how do they organize it and I will take some ideas from other leading universities and see what activities do they include in such events.


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