Secret Life

This is my first post!

I have no idea what I will be writing about, but I know one thing, it’s gonna rock your world B)

i have so many things in my mind to say, but I hate to start my first post with serious issue, and I hate to take life seriously, however Life IS serious and we should deal with it:|.

 A girl of 15 years old tells her mother she is having a baby, the mother shockingly asks: is this a kind of school assignment or something? The little girl repeats the same statement over and over again, the mother in denial state says: is this something you and your sister came up with to distract me from your father’s adultery? The girl says no mom I am having a baby. She cannot have a baby because she is only 15, she is just a little girl, the mother dejectedly thinks. The girl utters some words that no one would ever want to say: I think I want an abortion.**

This situation happens daily in the western society. It happens too many times that you cannot watch a movie or series without finding this incident as part of its main plot. I cannot speak about how they got that bad, or why do thy reached such extreme ideas for their tv show, but all I can say that such horrifying thing will not happen if their society was Muslim governed society. I do not want to sound like an Islamic extremist who wants to pass some religious advice in a sort of cool way! I am here saying the truth about a serious problem that is happening to other human beings and this problem almost does not exist in other society, the only difference between those two is their religion.

That 15 years old “little girl” says while her eyes are dried out from crying “I didn’t mean for this to happen, I didn’t plan for it” I guess that explains it, if she knew she would be pregnant she wont have sex from the first place. However, this is not how it goes, I don’t mean to generalize here, but the issue is deeper than “intentions”, it is a whole society that is governed by primitive instincts. I have more to say commenting on societies living in a changing world, but more on that later.

** the scene narrated here is taken from the first episode of ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’


2 thoughts on “Secret Life

  1. Ohoud says:

    you gotta watch “16 and Pregnant,” it’s about the same problem. They get in much troubles having babies in an early age, and the worst thing is that they get dumped by their boyfriends ending up little single mothers… so pathetic 😦 they could have avoided these troubles before they could happen.
    Thank God we’re Muslims, every legislation in Islam is set for our own good.
    thanks for the post, it makes me realize more how great is Islam

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